The Water Diviner (2014)

Four years after the Battle of Gallipoli, Australian farmer Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) travels to Turkey to find out what happened to his three sons. This film also marked Crowe’s directorial debut.

I approached watching this film with trepidation. Perhaps it helped that I went into it with little to no knowledge of the film itself.

The cinematography of the film was brilliant and brought the film together. The relationships between Connor and his sons was believable and gives his motivations believability when he wants to find out what happened to them.

While Crowe was certainly engaging, I can’t quite decide whether or not I can view it as a product of him being the director or whether or not it was actually a solid performance. It really is up to the individual viewer to make that choice for themselves.

While I didn’t hate this film, I didn’t adore it either. The prolific use of intertitles was just lazy and really distracting. Similarly, I felt that the film didn’t need the romance arc. It felt really unneeded and could have stood up on its own. The film also felt as if there were two films going on at the same time and as a singularity they both had strengths all their own. Ultimately the conclusion to the film felt like it was a bit rushed and probably should have been given some room to breathe.

Did it feel like a cop out ? Yes. Am I disappointed? No.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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