Taking a Break ? (+ Life Updates!)

Taking time away from blogging is always important.

I’ve written many of these types of blog posts before, mainly because of holidays and university stresses. In this case, as I write it is the end of March. I have taken A LOT of time away from writing original content. It’s a really weird change from routine because I used to write blog posts regularly. Because of scheduling, blog posts would always appear so I need not worry. Blogging filled in large gaps of time when I wasn’t watching films or reading books.

Now, that will likely change. As of March 2018, I have a full time job. That is not to say I will stop blogging all together, but the regularity might diminish at certain points as my priorities shift or I’m too busy to schedule more posts. I would never outright quit either this blog or my book blog. They are both too much a part of me now anyway and I feel like I’d be very lost without them.

Even so, sometimes taking a hiatus is important. If I kept on churning out blog posts just because, it wouldn’t be fun anymore and would feel much more like a chore.

Thank you so much for putting up with my absences when they occur. I’m so grateful for everyone who reads either this blog or the book one.

Much love xxx


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