Girlfriends  (2018) 

Three aging friends battle the highs and lows that getting older brings. Written by Kay Mellor.

This was a six part drama, and it certainly gives a visibility to older women especially as in regards to TV and film they have always been sidelined.

The drama deals with a variety of different issues faced by older women. It could be argued that Mellor is quite a feminist writer as her other work such as In the Club gives legroom to female bonds and friendship who are trying to fight a masculine or patriarchal world. Always a good thing to see but all to often when I’ve watched her work in the past it always comes across as a bit “tick all the boxes”.

The actors involved all did well except I feel as if the drama should have sold itself as a crime drama because that took up the large majority of the narrative arcs and it seemed to change direction half way through.

I don’t know if it could extend much to a second series as so many of the narrative arcs were far too convenient. I think the performances were the best thing about this series, because at times the writing was so slipshod.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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