Bojack Horseman (2014-2020)

Animated series about washed up former actor Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) living in “Hollywoo” and trying to battle his demons at the same time.

This is a show I wasn’t keen on to begin with and I vaguely remember the promo for the first series. The idea of animals as humans didn’t really appeal to me and I held off watching it for the longest time. I also wasn’t a fan of Will Arnett as I’d found him unremarkable in Arrested Development.

However, the entreaties of family, friends and pets made me rethink and I binged the whole show in a few months. While there were times I felt like throwing the proverbial towel in and giving up, I kept going. And I’m glad I did.

This show is a rare masterpiece. A cartoon that has beautiful animation, excellent vocal talent, a great soundtrack and a mournful heart. I didn’t know I’d care so deeply for characters, and that I’d still be thinking about the show weeks after finishing it. I was impressed how all the characters are nuanced and believable. While there are villains or bad characters you almost find yourself empathising with them.

It deals with many different issues and handles them all with realness, such as depression, dementia and alcoholism. Nobody gets the traditionally happy Hollywood-esque ending but it would be a let down if they had because after all that’s not realistic.

If you haven’t seen the show yet or are struggling to get through it then I’d highly recommend you give it a go. This series had me thinking for a long time, and it was very emotional. I may rewatch my favourite episodes at a later date however for the moment I just want to let my heart heal first.

MY RATING: ***** / *****

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