Call The Midwife Series 4 Episode 2

67642This episode brings in a past romantic entanglement for Sister Julienne.

Obviously having departed from Worth’s memoirs, it is left to the imagination of the scriptwriters to think up new storylines hopefully without reaping over old coals so to speak.

We are given a glimpse into Sister Julienne’s backstory and a romantic entanglement she had once had with Charles Newgarden who is now older and dying. He wants to donate funds to Nonnatus House. Obviously the episodes also need their own share of dramatic / traumatic births. This episode gives that aplenty. It also introduces a new midwife, Nurse Crane, who seems to have a very prickly personality but is it all it seems?

Stories about babies will always have people coming back for more. There is something about life’s beginning which bonds everyone. This episode was very touching, but not with the gut-churning despair that the earlier episodes possessed. I’m not feeling the absence of Jessica Raine, but the absence of Miranda Hart’s Chummy is certainly notable.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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