I loved it and now I’m going to review it. (CONTAINS SPOILERS.)

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I got this DVD for an 18th birthday present back in November. I only got round to watching it today, when I was at a loose end. Please note, if I get characters names wrong then I apologize. Don’t read this summary if you haven’t seen 1st episode of the 1st series. If you have, then please read on.

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Withnail and I.

I watched this film in my college class. The basic premise is about two friends: Withnail and Marwood, who are both out-of-work actors living in Camden Town and they ‘accidentally’ go on holiday, staying at the house of Withnail’s gay uncle, played by the late Richard Griffiths.


What I love most about this film is its irreverent black humour, the inevitable situations that the two friends find themselves in. Other memorable situations involve them being thrown out of a tea-shop because they were drunk; Uncle Monty’s unrequited love affair with Marwood and the inevitable struggle for food and supplies gleaned from nearby farmers. But overall, it was the character of Uncle Monty himself which I found most amusing – indeed, a cliche unto himself. That of the eccentric gay old-boy of Harrow School who quotes Baudelaire and falls maddeningly in love with Marwood. This leads to a variety of close-run sitatutions before Monty professes his love.

Richard E Grant plays the role of Withnail, who is the alcoholic flatmate of Marwood. One of my favourite quotes (and there are many) from the whole film is when Withnail tries to explain to the farmer that they are staying at the cottage, and he says that ‘we went on holiday by accident,”

I think that I’ll definitely use that quote in the future.